Healthy Meeting Guidelines

Grand Valley State University should be known as a university that strives to achieve health and wellness. As mentors, role models, trusted leaders, and teachers, it is important to work hard at maintaining a healthy image at work and providing healthy opportunities to faculty and staff members.

The success of achieving health and wellness at GVSU begins with you! If you are working on making healthy choices for yourself, you will be an inspiration for those with whom you work with and work for. Following the Healthy Meeting guidelines will contribute and lead to an environment that encourages health and wellness at Grand Valley State University.

The list below is provided to help you ensure healthy options for faculty and staff during meetings on campus.

Be sure to provide: Low calorie and low fat foods Fruits and vegetables Small portions Whole grain breads Water, milk (fat-free or 1%), 100% fruit or vegetable juice or unsweetened iced tea instead of soft drinks (if applicable) desserts such as fresh fruit, a fruit crisp or cobbler or small cookies A vegetarian option Physical activity and stretching breaks allowing faculty and staff to stay alert and focused Time to incorporate information regarding the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating

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Page last modified August 3, 2015