Hauenstein Herald: Quarantine Edition


Direct From the Director

A message opening our inaugural newsletter from our director Gleaves Whitney discussing COVID-19 and how the staff at the Hauenstein Center is responding to these challenging times.

"What a time to inaugurate the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies newsletter. I had planned to focus my message on Ralph Hauenstein. March 20 would have been his 108th birthday and there is much we can learn from him regarding citizenship, leadership, and friendship. We are paying tribute to our beloved benefactor on our Website, and I urge you to visit the page set up in his honor to learn more about his remarkable life (www.gvsu.edu/hc). Ralph will always be our inspiration—our North Star at the center that bears his name."

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Danielle Allen Speaks

Reflecting back on the November 6 Common Ground Event, we recall how powerfully Danielle Allen spoke in defense of liberty and equality. From the Q&A section of Danielle Allen’s lecture, select questions were chosen to be highlighted.

"Coming to us from Harvard University, Danielle Allen spoke at our Common Ground event on November 6, 2019. Her event was a resounding success, as she held forth on the Declaration of Independence and its importance as a statement of principle for our country. In order to provide a glimpse into the event, we would like to provide a transcript here of some of the questions asked throughout the day, and Professor Allen’s answers."

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Federalist Paper #70

An excerpt from the Federalist papers #70 is included sharing the thoughts of Alexander Hamilton as to the role and powers a president should have.

"Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion about the amount of initiative the Executive Branch of our government should display. It is a question which has been debated since the very beginning of our republic. In Federalist Paper #70, Alexander Hamilton laid out what he thought the duty of the president should be."

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Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy Spotlight

Finally, we will conclude with our Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy fellow candidate and alumni spotlight. This spotlight will showcase three of our incredible Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy Fellows. Featured Fellows include Miranda Bryan who is working towards a career in law or the government in which she can work towards gaining justice for disadvantaged communities, Lilia Hauenstien who now has secured a job with a Japanese start-up and has moved to Tokyo, and Nate Gillespie who at the time of this publication works as a Private Equity Analyst. 

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Drawing inspiration from Ralph's time with the Grand Rapids Herald, we are pleased to present the Hauenstein Center's newsletter which will feature past events and lectures, current events at the center, and feature the Cook Leadership Academy fellows and Alumni.


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