myProfile portal expands equity efforts by adding pronouns, demographic information

In another step in its commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable environment, Grand Valley has expanded the myName portal to myProfile, a web portal that allows voluntary inclusive data collection such as a user's pronouns and, if a person chooses, their sexual orientation and gender identification. 

Leaders associated with this expansion said these efforts align with Grand Valley’s Reach Higher 2025 commitment to creating a more inclusive, equitable and supportive environment for students.

 Students, faculty and staff members can now designate personal pronouns, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in Banner. Chosen names and pronouns will continue to be used in all systems, including class lists, where legal names are not required. Users can opt in or out of SOGI designation. Some university systems, such as Payroll, Official Transcripts and Student Accounts, are required to use a person's legal name.

Jesse Bernal, chief of staff to the president and vice president for Inclusion and Equity, said collecting SOGI demographic information will aid recruitment and retention efforts among students and employees.

"By collecting this information, we are empowering our campus leaders to make informed decisions and provide culturally and socially relevant interventions," Bernal said, adding the Division of Inclusion and Equity holds the collective SOGI data for accessing and reporting purposes. 

"This effort furthers our commitment to building a culture of educational equity, allowing even more members of our diverse community to be seen and heard, and giving us a clearer picture of how to create a more inclusive and welcoming campus for all." 

DL McKinney, director of the LGBT Resource Center, said this change will help campus community members feel affirmed and welcomed.

"Collecting SOGI data sends a message to LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff that their identities are recognized and valued by the institution," McKinney said. "Providing space for individuals to share gender identity and sexual orientation data helps the university create more inclusive and equitable environments for all." 

McKinney said myProfile is one more university process that supports and fosters a sense of belonging and encourages LGBTQ+ individuals to fully engage in campus life.  

The LGBT Resource Center has information for best practices in the classroom and how to ask students their pronouns. A guide to using gender-fair language when writing includes pronouns.


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