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Participation rates, incentive winners for campus climate survey announced

Results of the 2021 myGVSU Campus Climate Survey are scheduled to be released in February, according to the Division of Inclusion and Equity.

Eighteen percent of campus community members participated in the survey, which concluded in December. The participation breakdown of campus subgroups follows: faculty, 54 percent; staff members, 27 percent; and undergraduate and graduate students, 15 percent each.

Jesse Bernal, chief of staff to the president and vice president for Inclusion and Equity, said he appreciates campus community members who took time to respond to survey questions.

"While the response rate was lower than we had hoped, our survey vendor assures us important insights can be gleaned from the data, benchmark comparisons, longitudinal analysis and focus groups," Bernal said. "We will use the data to guide action planning through the Network of Advisors for Racial Equity and the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan. Grand Valley is committed to administering the survey again in 2023 and 2025 as part of the Reach Higher 2025 strategy development."

The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) oversaw administration of the survey. When HEDS returns survey data, it will include comparisons to 30 public universities that administered the survey last fall and 150 institutions that administered the survey since 2019.

The names of survey incentive winners were announced. Four students each received $2,000 tuition grants; six faculty and staff members each received $1,000 grants for professional development.

Faculty winners were Meghan Fox, Dan Golembeski and Jon Rose; staff winners were Shyceka Armstrong, Michelle Dewitt and Tammy Tobar; and student winners were Riley Begeman, Jay Chapa, Matthew Graham and Evan Potter.

More information about the 2021 survey and past six campus climate surveys is online at