Muskegon eighth graders surprised with GVSU announcement of guaranteed admission

Eighth graders at Timberland Charter Academy in Muskegon were surprised during their promotion ceremony with an announcement of guaranteed admission to Grand Valley if they meet certain criteria.

The announcement was made June 2 during the ceremony at the McLaughlin Road school. Timberland Charter Academy is among the charter schools authorized by GVSU.

The Pathway to GVSU pipeline program grants admission to GVSU for students who qualify. Timberland Charter students must meet general Grand Valley admissions requirements and register for a GVSU Passport to attend college preparedness workshops. 

man at podium during a promotion ceremony for eighth graders; people seated behind him, students in front
Barry Hall, assistant director of charter through college programs, tells the audience at Timberland Charter Academy about the pipeline program June 2 during an eighth grade promotion ceremony.
Image credit - Kyle Bultman

B. Donta Truss, GVSU vice president for Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach, said it's the first such agreement with a West Michigan area school. Later in June, announcements of guaranteed tuition were made at three Detroit charter schools, during eighth grade ceremonies: University Preparatory Academy, Detroit Achievement Academy and Detroit Edison Public School Academy.

Truss also said pipeline programs align with the Grand Valley Pledge, a program that grants free tuition for qualified students from families with incomes less than $50,000.

"The Pathway to GVSU program pulls the veil back on what going to college means," Truss said. "For these students, we will have four years to provide them with resources to help them navigate college and become advocates for themselves when they, hopefully, arrive at Grand Valley."


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