Virus Action Team update: Deadline nears for COVID-19 vaccine requirement

Box of alcohol pads.
Image Credit: Valerie Hendrickson

The September 30 deadline for the GVSU vaccine requirement is getting closer. Please take a moment to be sure you’ve completed the steps below before the holiday weekend.

Have you received a COVID-19 vaccine?

Are you filing for a vaccine exemption or postponement?

  • Don’t wait. The deadline to file for an exemption is September 15. Fill out the Exemption Request Form today. You will receive a response within five to seven business days. Be sure your form is COMPLETE AND ACCURATE, especially your email address. Several decision letters have been returned as undeliverable because of email errors. Other requests have been delayed because of missing information. More information can be found on the GVSU Health Hub website.

Have you reported your vaccination status? 

  • We need to hear from you. Record your vaccination status and upload verification today in your online self-assessment. Beginning in October, the university will begin enforcement of the vaccine requirement. This will include an initial phase focusing on education and communication regarding status and intention. For all unvaccinated students and employees, who do not have an approved exemption or postponement, the university will be seeking compliance through a series of conversations in alignment with policies and progressive discipline measures.

Are you wearing a face covering properly while indoors on campus?

  • Face Covering Policy: Face coverings that cover the mouth and nose are required in all indoor spaces for all students, faculty, staff and visitors on our campuses. See the full policy for limited exceptions. The need to mask is based on our new university alert level system. The Fall semester is starting at Alert Level 2 as a precautionary measure with the opportunity to relieve the requirements as we reach full compliance with vaccines and approved exemptions.

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