Faculty member's op-ed on "flipped learning" featured in national education publication

Robert Talbert, professor of mathematics.
Robert Talbert, professor of mathematics.
Image Credit: University Communications

An article about reshaping higher education by Robert Talbert, professor of mathematics, was featured in a national publication. 

Talbert’s article, “Flipped Learning Can Be a Key to Transforming Teaching and Learning Post-Pandemic,” was posted online by EdSurge, a publication that covers education and the future of learning.

In the article, he wrote: “When we look at all the assumptions that have been overturned in higher education because of the pandemic and all the needs that have only grown during this time, what becomes clear is that frameworks that previously worked for higher education are no longer guaranteed to function. Something new is needed, and flipped learning may be exactly the right model for where higher education is headed once the pandemic is over.

“What is flipped learning? A common and oversimplified answer is that it is an approach that asks students to watch lecture videos at home before class so that class time can be used for more interactive activities.”

Talbert wrote, in this moment in history, educators have the opportunity to reshape higher education into something better for everyone: “We can honor the sacrifices we’ve had to make during the pandemic by choosing to do better. We can begin with our frameworks, and flipped learning is a good place to start.”

Read the full article here: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2021-04-02-flipped-learning-can-be-a-key-to-transforming-teaching-and-learning-post-pandemic