Climate change summit to highlight role of education

A sunset over Lake Michigan
Image credit - Amanda Pitts

Grand Valley is hosting its annual summit on climate change, featuring multi-day events that include online workshops as well as speakers and panel discussions that will address such topics as vulnerability and justice.

The summit, done as part of the GVSU Climate Change Education Solutions Network, coincides with the United Nations Climate Change Conference to raise awareness about the international event as well as emphasize the importance of local community action, said Elena Lioubimtseva, professor of geography and sustainable planning and coordinator for the network.

"If we hope to win our fight to stop climate change, the time to act is right now," Lioubimtseva said.

The virtual event is November 3-5 and is free. It will bring together scientists, educators, community leaders, students and more to discuss climate change education and how it can lead to action.

"Education is an important solution for climate change because educators and their students have the power to influence, support and advocate for communities around the world, helping to reduce their vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and fight for climate justice," Lioubimtseva said.

Lioubimtseva also stressed that the virtual event not only helps bring together a wide range of experts, but is carbon neutral, thereby reducing participants' carbon footprint.

Former Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell will deliver the opening address on November 3. Other speakers, as well as panelists, include experts from the community and academia. Workshops will follow the speakers and discussions.

This event is sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Regional Math and Science Center, the Geography and Sustainable Planning Department, the GVSU Career Center and the Office of Sustainability Practices as well as the Michigan Space Grant Consortium.


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