Blackboard grades, due dates now integrated into MyBlueLaker app

A phone is being held by a person using the app.
The MyBlueLaker app now features Blackboard integration to enhance user experiences.
Image Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills

Students who use the recently launched MyBlueLaker app can now explore new functionality, including tracking due dates for assignments and assessments as well as getting real-time, personalized grade information from their instructors.

The Blackboard integration works with any class where a faculty member uses Blackboard as part of the class. Grades are available as soon as faculty members update the Blackboard grade book. 

Students will have to link their accounts to the app, and can ask "When is my next homework assignment due?" or "What did I get on my last assessment in my class?" for personalized responses.

The added functionality in the app is part of an ongoing effort to provide students with mobile, app-based solutions to their needs. Other added features in the works include real-time balance information on dining accounts, computer lab reservations, study room availability, and more. 

The app already allows students to check their registration status, access GPA information, get information about their class schedule and find other information from the Banner system. It can also answer thousands of questions about campus, dining, health, housing, student life, clubs, sports, building hours and more.

The app is available on the web as well as on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The app is also able to use your current location information to provide directions to buildings and points of interest on campus, as well as current bus route information.

Users are able to give feedback to the app via a simple thumbs up and thumbs down response interface, and the more users interact with the app, the better myBlueLaker will be able to understand user needs.

The app is available on the web at