Virus Action Team update: GVSU alert level to change to Level 3

Students walking on the Allendale Campus.
Image credit - Valerie Hendrickson

There is a significant increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Ottawa and Kent counties and a steady increase in the GVSU community. Because the current alert level for Grand Valley is a reflection of the campus level and trajectory, and local and regional indicators, the alert will be raised.

On Wednesday, November 4, beginning at noon, the GVSU alert level will change to High/Level 3, which indicates many cases, including community spread with some undetected cases.

Alert High/Level 3 means the following:

  • Increased limitation to indoor and outdoor activities
  • Food options will return to primarily grab-and-go
  • Limit everyday activities to increase safety: attend classes, get food or medicine, go to work, engage in physical activity
  • GVSU’s testing program will expand

Greg Sanial, vice president for Finance and Administration and director of the Virus Action Team, said this is not a county order and there will be no change in course delivery. “It increases our vigilance around gatherings to slow the spread,” he said.  

A full breakdown of alert level considerations and indicators is available, as well as the current status of our indicators. 

Sanial said GVSU will continue to meet regularly with county health officials. “The spread of the virus is high in our surrounding communities, so it is important to maintain vigilant protective measures on campus and also off campus,” he said.

Thanksgiving recess begins in 22 days. To avoid bringing the virus home or back to campus, Sanial said increased preventive measures should be taken. 

For students, faculty and staff coming to campus, information will be available about free on-campus testing that will take place November 9-13 and November 16-20. An email will be sent later this week with information on how to schedule testing for those interested.


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