myBlueLaker virtual assistant app launches

A screenshot of the myBlueLaker app

Grand Valley is launching myBlueLaker, a new virtual assistant app that will help students navigate campus, answer questions and much more.

The app, available on the web as well as on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, can answer hundreds of questions about campus, dining, health, housing, student life, clubs and sports, building hours and more. 

It is also unique in its ability to provide students with a personalized experience when they log in with their campus username and password. This allows students to check their registration status, access grade information, get information about their class schedule and other information that’s contained in the Banner system.

The app is also able to use your current location information to provide directions to buildings and points of interest on campus, as well as current bus route information.

Users are able to give feedback to the app via a simple thumbs up and thumbs down response interface, and the more users interact with the app, the better myBlueLaker will be able to understand user needs.

The app is available on the web at