Former UAW president Owen Bieber remembered for strong ties to GVSU, commitment to students

Cover of Grand Valley Magazine from 2002.
Image Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills
Photo of 2002 issue of Grand Valley Magazine article.
Image Credit: Kendra Stanley-Mills

It was about 18 years ago when Owen Bieber, former president of the United Auto Workers, sat down with Grand Valley Magazine to discuss a wide range of topics, including why he was so committed to Grand Valley students. 

Bieber, who died February 17 at age 90, had a longtime connection to the university, from the days of its founding to a scholarship established in 1986 to support UAW members and their families. 

In May 1983, Bieber received an honorary degree from the university; in 1986, he established the Owen F. Bieber Scholarship Trust, one of the largest named scholarship funds at Grand Valley.

In the fall 2002 issue of Grand Valley Magazine, Bieber discussed the history of Grand Valley and funding the scholarship, as well as what it was like to lead the UAW during some dark times for the auto industry.

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