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Researcher's work with PFAS citizen's group featured in Science Magazine

  • Rick Rediske stand next to the site of the former Wolverine World Wide tannery in Rockford, Michigan. He holds a chain link fence with a sign warning of environmental contamination.

Posted on May 16, 2019

Grand Valley State University researcher Rick Rediske, an environmental chemist at the university's Annis Water Resources Institute, is a leading expert on PFAS, a class of chemicals recently found to be contaminating the drinking water in areas around Michigan and the nation. 

His work with the citizen scientist group Concerned Citizens for Responsible Remediation has been highlighted in a story in Science Magazine.

Rediske's work with the group and his concerns about the chemical were also highlighted in the Fall 2018 edition of  Grand Valley Magazine

For more information on Rediske's work, and PFAS in general, visit