Grand Valley ranked a "Best College in America" by Money

A photograph of a large fountain near the student services building on Grand Valley's Allendale Campus.
Grand Valley's Allendale Campus
Image Credit: Amanda Pitts

Grand Valley was included on a new list of the "Best Colleges in America" by Money Magazine.

Out of more than 700 ranked public and private colleges and universities, Grand Valley came in at 385. In Michigan, Grand Valley came in fourth among ranked public universities, behind the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Michigan Tech. Other ranked public universities included Central Michigan and Western Michigan.

Of the 22 public and private institutions in Michigan that were included in the rankings, Grand Valley came in seventh.

To be included in the rankings, a college had to have at least 500 students, have sufficient data to be reviewed, not be in financial distress and have a graduation rate that was at or above the median for its institutional category. 

Rankings were then established by data that included quality of education, affordability and overall outcomes like graduation rates and measures of alumni success.

Complete rankings are available online.