AWRI researcher testifies at PFAS hearing

Four panelists sit at a table on the right side of the stage at Loosemore Auditorium on Grand Valley's Pew Grand Rapids Campus. Senator Gary Peters, a democrat from Michigan, sits at a table on the left side of the stage.
Rediske (seated far right) testified at the field summit, organized by U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (seated at table on left).
Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

Rick Rediske, an environmental chemist and researcher at Grand Valley's Annis Water Resources Institute, testified at a U.S. Senate subcommittee field summit that was hosted at Grand Valley by U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-Mich.) on November 13.

The summit focused on PFAS contamination in Michigan, and involved two panels of experts on the topic. 

Rediske has worked with a citizens group in the Rockford area to inform people about the potential dangers of the chemicals and the importance of fresh drinking water.

He is featured in the most recent edition of Grand Valley Magazine, where he discusses his work on the toxic chemicals.