GVSU enrollment again tops 25,000

Class of 2021
Class of 2021
Image Credit: Amanda Pitts

Grand Valley State University hit its enrollment goals with regard to total enrollment, first-year students, transfer students and minority students. More than 4,000 freshmen have enrolled at the university for six years in a row. This is one of the highest first-year enrollments in the state, as Michigan continues to see a decline in the number of high school graduates.

Total enrollment is at 25,049 with 4,185 first-time students and 1,625 transfer students. A record number of minority students is enrolled, 4,344 up from 4,315 last fall, and Grand Valley has the largest number of seniors (7,184) in its history.  

"These enrollment numbers show that students and their families are finding the academic excellence and programs they want in a community that is welcoming," said President Thomas J. Haas. "We have faculty and staff members who work hard not only to attract students but to make sure they're supported through the completion of their programs. The record number of seniors shows that Grand Valley is retaining students and awarding degrees. We're energized by the atmosphere on campus and what we'll accomplish this year."

Students are coming from every county in Michigan, and the number of students from states outside of Michigan increased to 2,108 from 1,992 last fall. More than 400 international students are enrolled. Grand Valley had a record number of graduates last year, another indication that the university is achieving its goal of increasing retention and degree completion. The university motivates students to finish in four years by awarding the $1,000 Grand Finish scholarship to students entering their fourth year with at least 90 credits.

"As a board, we work diligently with the administration to ensure operations are efficient, and tuition and financial aid are managed, to help students achieve their potential with a Grand Valley degree," said Board of Trustees Chair John C. Kennedy. "We're rewarded with a strong enrollment and an increase in graduates ready to contribute in the workforce and in service to their communities. Grand Valley is a talent engine for the region."

Grand Valley colleges showing significant growth are health professions and nursing (6.5 percent).

Of all recent Grand Valley graduates, 94 percent are employed or pursuing advanced degrees, and of those working, 85 percent are employed in Michigan. Grand Valley is in the top three for graduation rates of all public universities in Michigan and is in the top four for retention. The university has been chosen as a "Best Value" and "Best Public Regional University" by U.S. News and World Report. Princeton Review named Grand Valley among the "Best in the Midwest," and for more than two decades, Grand Valley has been named one of "America's 100 Best College Buys" by Institutional Research and Evaluation.

For more details on Grand Valley's performance, visit www.gvsu.edu/accountability