Faculty earn grants from CSCE

Allendale campus
The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence announced faculty recipients for two of its grant programs.
Image Credit: Amanda Pitts

The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence announced faculty recipients for two of its grant programs.

The Catalyst Grants for Research and Creativity help faculty members establish or maintain scholarly activity with funding of up to $3,000. The Collaborative Research and Creative Activity Initiative fosters new projects for faculty members from different disciplines; maximum funding is $10,000.

Catalyst grant recipients:

• Lee Jung An, communication sciences and disorders: "Effects of rise time on timbre perception using identification and dissimilarity judgement"

• Kyle Barnes, movement science: "Comparison of sub two-hour marathon shoes compared to track spikes on the metabolic cost and biomechanics of running"

• Shannon Biros, chemistry: "Developing new compounds for the extraction of lanthanides and actinides"

• Elizabeth Gansen, modern languages and literatures: "Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo (1478-1557): Renaissance Reader and New World Naturalist and Historian"

• Denise Goerish, liberal studies: "Financing their futures: students over the age of 25 financing college"

• Courtney Karasinski, communication sciences and disorders: "Phonological awareness in Head Start preschoolers"

• Sok Kean Khoo, cell and molecular biology: "Urine microRNAs as non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers for Parkinson's disease"

• David Linn, biomedical sciences: "Exploration of the role of retinal glial cells in the neuroprotective effect of selective nicotinic Ach agonists in the treatment of glaucoma"

• Leifa Mayers, women, gender and sexuality studies: "Experiences of first-generation undergraduate students: borrowing, debt, and risk"

• Charlyn Partridge, Annis Water Resources Institute: "Invasive history of baby's breath (Gypsophila paniculata) throughout North America"

• Thomas Pentecost, chemistry: "Swimming in big data: a psychometric adventure at the American Chemical Society Examinations Institute"

• Glenn Valdez, psychology: "Effects of Urocortin 3 on the behavioral stress response following long-term alcohol withdrawal"

• Meg Woller-Skar, biology: "Biofilm communities on giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) at two depths in the Santa Barbara Channel"

Collaborative research initiative:

• Ross Sherman, movement science; Schaunna Kelder, occupational therapy; Barbara Baker, physical therapy; Danita Vander Kodde, Spectrum Health: "Impact of neck cooling on thermoregulation and functionality in relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis

• Alan Steinman, Annis Water Resources Institute; Sookkyung Cho, music; Hannah Seidel, dance: "Increasing water awareness through music, dance, and science."

More information about CSCE grant opportunities is online at gvsu.edu/csce/.