Video participants sought

The Kaufman Interfaith Institute and University Libraries have partnered to sponsor a Ravel/Unravel campaign.

A nationwide multimedia campaign, Ravel/Unravel encourages people to openly and respectfully learn and talk about their identity, religion, spirituality and culture.

“We are looking to create brief interviews with students, faculty and staff to record their unique experiences,” said Katie Gordon, Kaufman Interfaith Institute program manager. “We planned this event for March 13-19 to join the on-going dialogue during the Student Senate events surrounding identity and inclusion.”

Participants will be asked four specific questions about their religious or spiritual identity and stereotypes that have impacted them. Their responses will be recorded, uploaded to the Ravel/Unravel site and featured on the video screen in the first floor Learning Alcove in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons.

Erin Fisher, University Libraries program manager, said their goal is to get 100 participants to record a video and share their faith or non-faith experience.

“We have partnered on this project by offering help producing the videos and showing them,” said Fisher. “It’s another form of participatory learning and a chance to share your story.”