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GVSU first public university in state to receive environmental certification

Posted on February 01, 2011

Grand Valley is the first public university in Michigan to be certified by the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program (MTESP).

The program is intended to promote and communicate best management practices, to control potential sources of pollution, comply with environmental laws and regulations, adopt pollution prevention practices, and reduce waste. Nine modules were completed to receive certification on the main campus in Allendale, and included evaluating fuel storage systems, groundwater and well protection, and use of green products and recycling.

Ken Stanton, grounds supervisor at Grand Valley, said several construction projects were involved to complete the modules. “We installed a new, more efficient fueling station, a space that is used for mixing and loading pesticides, and a new equipment wash station that collects excess grass clippings from our mowing equipment.  All of these developments will help us to magnify sustainable efforts already taking place at Grand Valley.”

Completion of the certification program was also responsible for the development of a campus wide emergency response plan, as well as identifying storm water management practices that had been previously developed to help eliminate erosion of the ravines on the main campus in Allendale.

Achieving certification ensures that grounds and facilities will be in compliance with applicable state and federal environmental regulations.

For more information about Grand Valley’s certification, contact Ken Stanton at or (616) 331-3852. For more information about MTESP, visit