Alumni Giving Winter 2017

Leaving a legacy

Kimberly, '07, and Eric, '98, Hartman

Story by Amy Bross, ’00
Photo by Bernadine Carey-Tucker

How did you meet?

Eric: We met randomly on social media. We messaged back and forth debating a philosophical argument, then started learning more about one another and agreed to meet for coffee.

Favorite memory of Grand Valley?

Eric: I transferred from the University of Michigan during my sophomore year. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Laker golf team. Most of my non-academic memories are traveling to tournaments and playing in matches.

Kimberly: I went to Grand Valley for graduate school. I was so impressed by the commitment Grand Valley demonstrated to health care education by building the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences. The facility and equipment are incredible and contributed so positively to my educational experience. And I made lifelong friends and colleagues.


How has being a member of the Laker community helped shape/change you?

Kimberly: I was really influenced by one of my professors. It was her strong sense of social justice that really broke through some prejudices I had no idea I was carrying. Challenging us as students in that way despite the fact that we were already experienced professionals really molded and shaped me into a better person and a better health care provider.


What are you most proud of?

Eric: I love being a daddy. There is nothing like it in the world. It's also been a huge blessing to have a business in the community that I grew up in. To have friends, neighbors, former teachers, etc. come in and see me for their health care needs has been incredibly humbling.

man and woman walking

Kimberly and Eric Hartman

Kimberly: I’m a proud mommy, for sure. But in terms of my individual accomplishments, I’m proud of my education —neither of my parents were college graduates.


Why did you choose to give back to Grand Valley?

Kimberly: One thing that we’ve talked about in our marriage is legacy: what do we want to leave behind for others? We’re here for such a short time and we want to make a difference. That comes in many forms, but one of them is doing our part to support the education of future generations. It’s also why we both serve as preceptors for students in our respective fields. We need future students to come after us — someone has to care for us when we’re older!

About the Hartmans

Children: Son, Ryan, 5

Eric: Chiropractor with a practice in Jenison
Hobbies: Golf
Service: Kenowa AMBUCS, Grandville/Jenison Chamber of Commerce, Jenison Public Schools Board of Education, Executive Board of Michigan Association of Chiropractors

Kimberly: Nurse practitioner at a family practice in Hudsonville
Hobbies: Singing, writing, reading
Service: Evangelical Choral Society

The Hartmans are GVSU Alumni Champions and Leadership Level donors

Would you encourage alumni to give back?

Eric: Absolutely. Even if your gift seems small, it’s more about the commitment to ensure that future learners have the same access to facilities and resources that we did, or better. It’s about paying it forward, out of gratitude for the education and  experiences you have had that have helped shape who you are.


How do Grand Valley students impact their communities?

Eric: There are a lot of ways that students impact their local communities. They serve essential roles in internships, they bring new business to the areas where they live, and they keep their communities fresh, alive and current. Today’s college students are thinkers and dreamers and doers, and that is essential to societal progress.


What is your Laker Effect?

Kimberly: Being Grand Valley graduates will forever be a part of our DNA. Our time on campus influenced us to be the people we are today. Everything we do, everywhere we serve, every life we touch will be part of our Laker Effect!

University Society Leadership Level

Thank you to all of our Alumni Champions who are helping to increase alumni participation and ownership of Grand Valley. We are so grateful to you for your dedication to Grand Valley and its future success!

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