Valentine's Day Card Decoration Event

The Valentine's Day card decorating event held on February 5th was a heartwarming success, bringing together a community of individuals dedicated to spreading love and kindness. Students from SAGE, along with enthusiastic participants, gathered in GVSU for an evening of creativity and connection. AARP's generous contribution of cards, facilitated by the dedicated volunteer Barbara, set the stage for an event filled with heartfelt sentiments. Participants engaged in the joyful process of decorating the cards, pouring their creativity into each design. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the shared purpose of bringing joy to residents in local veteran and retirement homes.

The positive energy from the card decorating event carried forward to the card distribution event on February 14th. The culmination of these efforts was captured on television, highlighting the community's commitment to spreading love and kindness. The collective impact of these events not only touched the recipients but also left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

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