Piano Concert

First Piano Concert

The students of SAGE visited Clark Senior Retirement to give a piano concert on 19th November, 2022. The residents were delighted to..

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Second Piano Concert

The residents of Clark Senior Retirement welcomed students of SAGE for the second time give a piano concert on 7th January, 2023...

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Third Piano Concert

On the crisp winter morning of February 17th, the air inside CLARK was filled with the elegant resonance of piano keys...

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Fourth Piano Concert

On the blossoming afternoon of April 29th, SAGE opened its doors once more to embrace the enchanting strains of a piano concert. 

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Fifth Piano Concert

On the enchanting summer morning of July 29th, 2023 the grandeur of piano music once again graced the halls of Clark. Exceptionally talented students..

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Sixth Piano Concert

We had a magical piano concert at Chapel at Clark on November 18th, 2023. Our talented Sage students and community members wowed the audience with...

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Page last modified December 5, 2023