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Presentation Abstracts

Welcome to the Graduate Showcase 2021 virtual event! The abstracts for all of our presentations are available in the Graduate Showcase program booklet (PDF). All of the videos below are equipped with closed captioning. Questions can be directed to [email protected].

Hana Christoffersen: Biology

Estimating Tundra Vegetation Cover Using Near-Surface Repeat Field Photographs

Megan Mader: Biology (AWRI)

Water Quality and Land Cover in Lake Michigan Drowned River Mouths

Emily Dorn: Biostatistics

Montcalm Care Network Biostatistics Internship: Health Status Project

Natalie Johnson: Biostatistics

Data Science Internship: Spectrum Health Healthier Communities

Rachel Thompson: Biostatistics

Heavy Metal Exposures, C-Reactive Protein, and Dietary Inflammatory Index: NHANES 2007-2010

Connor Patrick: Clinical Dietetics

Eating Pattern Disparities Among Sexual and Gender Minorities

Alisha Babu, Gayatri Pingle, and Sarah Rahman: Cell and Molecular Biology

Wastewater Detection of SARS COV-2 Outbreak via Digital Droplet PCR in Campus Dormitories

Alexandria Thomson and Niranjan Pokherl: Cell and Molecular Biology

Empirical Bioscience Internship

Patrick Anderson: Communications

“It’s Not Easy To Do a WikiLeaks”: A Cypherpunk Approach to Global Media Ethics

Alyssa McCord: Criminal Justice

Gaining a Victim-Centered Approach to Policing

Cassandra Merritt: Criminal Justice

Gendered Pronouns and Rape Myth Acceptance

Alyssha Ginzel: Education (Reading)

Metacognition, and Formative Assessment in the Middle School ELA Classroom

Gayle Lotterman: Education (Reading)

Reading Enjoyment and Motivation in Grades 3-5: Encouraging an Increase in Reading for Pleasure

Lindsey Tuinstra: Education (Reading)

Understanding the Need for RTI at the Secondary Level, and Providing Research-Based Literacy Instruction for Adolescents

Rahnda Kaye Bordeaux: Education (TESOL)

Effective Strategies For Working with Refugee Students

Nicole Durso: Education (TESOL)

Leading the Way Toward Culturally Responsive NGSS Instruction

Emily Galloway and Sierra Strutz: Multidisciplinary

Physician Office EHR Useability and Patient Safety Study

Meg Owens: Nursing

Michigan Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (MI-POST): Development of a Nationally Recognized Program.

Desiree Palmer: Nursing

Enhancing Medications Adherence Behaviors Among Ambulatory Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Patients

Erin Attard, Andraya Musallam, Kirsten Vaas, Taylar Kenny: Occupational Therapy

Health Literacy in Occupational Therapy Research: A Scoping Review

Melissa Tonkavich, Jamie Sheaffer, Josh Oliver, Veronica Pabich, Julia Gomez: Occupational Therapy

Immersive Virtual Reality in Healthcare: A Systematic Mapping Review

Sarah Rustmann: Physical Therapy

Dynamic Factor Analysis of Seasonal Variation in Daily Physical Activity in Individuals with Heart Failure and Implanted Cardiac Devices

Erika Doran: Public Health

ABO Blood Group and Impacts on SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Production

Amanda Filkins: Public Health

The Effectiveness of Wellness Programs within Police Departments at Addressing Police Officer Health

Alexis Porter: Public Health

SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Surveillance: Evaluation of Pilot Method in West Michigan Areas

Danielle Uribe: Public Health

Female Infertility Treatment, Maternal Characteristics, and Adverse Birth Outcomes

Mariekie Barone: Social Work

The Association Between Religiosity and Psychological Well-Being in Master of Social Work Students

Marigold Cobbina: Social Work

Perceptions of Professionals on School-Based Interventions for Students with Mental Health Problems in Ghana

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