Certificates & Badge in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics

Interprofessional Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in health informatics is designed to prepare individuals interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge and skills in the design, utilization, evaluation, and clinical processes of health informatics. The certificate draws from the expertise found in our nursing, health informatics and bioinformatics, and public administration graduate programs.

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Bioinformatics and Genomics graduate certificate

Bioinformatics and genomics have become crucial components of life science research and industry, including biotechnology, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry. Career options are already numerous and will become more plentiful in the future as part of the big data analytics field. Students trained in these novel techniques will be more competitive in their applications for jobs and graduate programs.

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Biomedical Informatics Badge

Issued by GVSU Academic Badges, the medical and bioinformatics badge prepares students to engage with information systems in a clinical or healthcare setting. The badge enables students to evaluate the requirements for biomedical information systems, engage in project management practices, describe the legal and ethical considerations for biomedical informatics, utilize computational methods for knowledge discovery, create visualizations, design high-performance computing algorithms, and develop machine learning models.

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Admissions Requirements

Review the admission requirements for applying to the Health Informatics and Bioinformatics M.S. Program at Grand Valley State University. 


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