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Assistantships and Scholarship

GVSU is not a research university, and thus our assistantship and scholarship opportunities are limited. Instead, we offer the opportunity of graduate internships with local companies. We don't "place" students with companies, but our students seldom struggle to find an internship where they can apply their computing skills. Furthermore, internships are paid and may lead to permanent employment after the degree is completed.

As for assistantships, we normally do not award assistantships to new students. Instead, we often reserve assistantship positions for our established graduate students who have been successful in the classroom. However, when a new open GA position becomes available the graduate program director will email all graduate students letting them know of the opportunity.

Finally, for scholarships, GVSU has a few that are specific to computing. You can browse the entire list of scholarships at


If you've completed one of our concentration areas, or are a badge seeking student, find out how to request a digital badge.

Combined Degree Course Substitutions

Degree Requirements and Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

When are courses offered? Where are they held? And other questions are answered on our FAQ page.

Capstones, Projects, and Theses

In order to earn the degree, you must complete a "capstone" experience. We have three options...

  1. CIS 692 is a classroom-based capstone seminar. You work with the instructor to come up with a project idea to work on.
  2. CIS 693 is an independent project where you will work on a project closely aligned with the research interests of a professor.
  3. CIS 690+695 is an independent thesis on an original research idea. You will work with a committee of three professors to formulate a thesis topic (in CIS 690), and then execute the research and defend it (in CIS 695).


  • Project and Thesis Comparison -- Which one is right for you?
  • Project and Thesis HOWTO -- How do you register? What is the process? What grades do you get?
  • Project Templates (for CIS 693)
    • If your project is based primarily on software-development, then use this template.
    • If your project is based primarily on research, then use this template.
    • Your project advisor can help you decide between the two.
  • Thesis Template (for CIS 690/695)




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