Laker Family Advisory Committee

Vision & Mission

The Vision of the Laker Family Advisory Committee at GVSU is to establish and sustain relationships with parents and families that lead to involvement and investment in the University. This vision is accomplished by having our team SHINE:

  • Supporting GVSU and the University Development Division mission.
  • Hosting parent and family gatherings and regional events.
  • Investing in the future of GVSU through an annual leadership gift.
  • Networking with other parents and families of current and alumni students.
  • Engaging new parents and families in GVSU life and giving to the University.

The mission of The Laker Family Advisory Committee at GVSU is to establish relationships with parents, guardians, and families of current students and alumni that foster a culture of giving through education, interaction, volunteerism and events.

Role and Responsibilities

Every committee member is unique in their abilities, interests and contacts. The following are recommendations to all Laker Family Advisory Committee members to ensure success of the parent and family giving program at GVSU. Laker Family Advisory Committee members will:

  • Make their own annual leadership gift of $500 or pledge commitment of $2,500 to be paid over five years.
  • Reach out to new parents and families and help engage parents and families at events.
  • Educate fellow GVSU parents and families about the importance of supporting the Laker Family Fund and GVSU as a whole.
  • Share feedback regarding contacts, needs, experiences, etc. The GVSU University Development staff is available to assist in any way possible.

Join and check “I would like to be considered for a role with the Laker Family Advisory Committee” to receive further details about how to get involved.

Page last modified September 11, 2017