Women's Bible Study

Monday, November 29, 2021
6:30 p.m.
Allendale Campus

Women's Bible Study

Join us each week for sisterhood and Scripture at our Women's Bible Study! We'll be going through the book of Mark.

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Kirkhof Center - Room 2259

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We are a community of disciples on mission. The six charisms that describe our distinctive values are:

Discipleship - God's plan for each life is beautiful beyond measure. We challenge students to listen and courageously walk as the Lord directs. UCO students serve the body of Christ in a myriad ways on campus, and in the work place- building the kingdom of God.

Community - UCO is a place where students can have an experience of rich and close relationships through a shared common life in the dorms, in households, and in the many activities of the chapter. A community-oriented experience is one of the distinctives of this ministry.

Evangelism - We have an abundant and full life, and the most natural response to that gift is to share it with those we meet. UCO has regular evangelistic events and offers training for students to share Christ with their classmates.

Holy Spirit Led Mission - UCO is charismatic in its corporate worship, and seeks to promote spiritual renewal, through the release of the Holy Spirits presence and power. We foster a regular rhythm of worship in UCO and cultivate spiritual gifts in our prayer life. Weekly prayer meetings, where students come to be with Christ and each other, are a hallmark of UCO. UCO seeks to teach students to share their faith through purposeful living and a genuine concern for others.

Christian Unity - We are from various traditions and mourn the many divisions of the people of God. We live out as much of our lives together as possible - witnessing to the truth that there is indeed one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. UCO members include Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic believers.

Servant Leadership - Jesus Christ gave us the example of a leader who washes the feet of his disciples. Our students develop an eye to see the needs of others and to place them before their own. By learning to serve one another now, our students are preparing to be Christ-like leaders of the future.

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University Christian Outreach


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