Paula Monopoli: Constitutional Orphan, a Constitution Day Celebration - INT 100/201 APPROVED!

Thursday, September 24, 2020
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Alumni, Community, Faculty, Staff

paula monopoli

Everyone knows the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, in August 1920, dramatically expanded women’s right to vote.  Women had only acquired that right in certain states. Now it promised women in our republic change in their political, civil, and social status. What most Americans don’t realize is the degree to which the Nineteenth’s constitutional meaning was debated.

To celebrate Constitution Day and the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment, the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies in partnership with the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation welcomes Paula Monopoli of the University of Maryland School of Law. In her new book, Constitutional Orphan: Gender Equality and the Nineteenth Amendment, Professor Monopoli explores the role of suffragists in the constitutional development of the Nineteenth Amendment. Drawing on historical sources, case analysis, and legal scholarship, she will offer broader ways in which the Nineteenth could be interpreted and used today. The former director of the Hauenstein Center, Gleaves Whitney, who is currently the executive director of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation will moderate the discussion.

We are as eager as all of you are to resume the Hauenstein Center’s thought-provoking in person events. Though in these tumultuous times, in order to comply with the Governor’s executive orders, the CDC recommended guidelines, and Grand Valley’s current policies, our fall lineup will be offered digitally. The very first opportunity we have to go back to in person events, we will do so, so stay tuned!

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