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What in our World is Going on?

June 14, 2017

What in our World is Going on?

When Seidman accounting professor, Denise de la Rosa, spent her sabbatical in Concepción, Chile at the Universidad del Bio Bio (UBB), it was a catalyst for many connections.  Chile’s dynamic, business-friendly market made it attractive for the Seidman College of Business to form a university-level partnership with UBB in 2011, initiated by Seidman Director of International Business, Professor Carol Sanchez.

Both GVSU and UBB have similar origins and characteristics: both were founded about 50 years ago; both serve a similar first-generation college population; both have an urban campus located on a major river and a suburban campus; both have a similar size and scope; and both are public.

The partnership’s success stems from a dedicated effort to build strong personal relationships and friendships among faculty, administrators, and students. Personnel at both universities have established friendships that encourage creative collaborations which go beyond typical student exchanges. Both Carol Sánchez, and Seidman’s ERP Director, Simha Magal, helped advance the cause.

Magal began conducting faculty training workshops in 2013, and in April of 2017, he returned to UBB to participate in ceremonies where his book was unveiled: Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems, just translated into Spanish. This book is used in more than two-thousand universities worldwide and by professionals to provide a conceptual reference guide for learning and working with and around SAP ERP.

“For many years, I have used the English version of this book, and today I thank the three academics who participated in the translation of this book into Spanish that is of great importance to Latin America,” said Jimmy Armas, Faculty of Engineering ta the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.

In fall of 2015, fifteen Seidman MBA students and faculty visited UBB on a ten-day study tour to experience Chilean business and culture. Seidman economics professor, Aaron Lowen, served as advisor to their economics research group to create joint research projects. In turn, twelve UBB graduate students and two faculty visited the Seidman College of Business in 2016 on a nine-day study trip.

The relationship with UBB fits well with Seidman’s internationalization efforts by providing a dynamic and flexible exchange program for students, faculty, and advisers. It also accentuates how important it is to build strong personal relationships with leaders at the partner institution.  Having common institutional histories, student composition, goals, and global learning objectives enhances the effort.

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