Friday Afternoon Session I (1:15 - 2:45 pm)

EMC Measurement Antennas

  • Half-wave dipole and quarter-wave monopole antennas
  • Biconical and log-periodic antennas
  • Antenna impedance and VSWR
  • Measurement - Bicon and log-periodic antennas impedance and VSWR

Differential-Mode and Common-Mode Currents

  • Differential-mode vs common-mode currents
  • Common mode creation
  • Common-mode choke
  • Measurement - Differential and common-mode currents emitted by a SMPS

Shielding to Prevent Radiation

  • Near-field shielding against electric and magnetic fields
  • Far-field shielding and shielding effectiveness
  • Reflection loss and absorption loss, effect of apertures
  • Measurement - Shielding effectiveness of various shields over a SMPS
EMC Units
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EMC Units
EMC Test Equipment
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