Logging into your GVSU Padlet account on the Padlet app.

Logging into your GVSU Padlet account from the Padlet App

The Padlet app is available for Andoid as well as iOS

However, logging in isn't as simply as typing your username and password. You'll need to connect the app to our GVSU account. To do so follow these steps.

1. First you will open the app and click the "Login" button on the home screen. 

Padlet App Home Screen

2. You'll then find at the bottom of the login screen the ability to sign into the organization Padlet. Where it says "Backpack/Briefcase user? Log in to Your Org"

Login Screen

3. This Login To Your Org page is where you'll type GVSU into the text area. Then hit the Continue button. 

GVSU Padlet account page.

4. After hitting the Continue button you'll have the option to login with google if you are a student or type in your login with your @gvsu.edu for faculty

Page last modified October 19, 2020