Blackboard: Test Availability Exceptions

The option to grant extended time or dates for an assessment will be in the ‘Edit the Test Options’ windows when you are deploying the assessment.

If the test, quiz, or survey is already deployed, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the assessment name and select "Edit the Test Options"
Otherwise, when you are setting up the test options, Click ‘Add User or Group’

  1. Select ‘Edit the Test Options
Edit the Test Options

  2. Click ‘Add User or Group’
Add User or Group’

  1. Tick the box by the student('s) name
  2. Click Submit
Select student(s) option

  1. The student(s) you selected will appear. You may make any changes needed to the Attempts, Timer, Availability and other options if they are set on the test for the selected students only
time or date extention box

Page last modified April 5, 2021