China-West Interculture

China-West Interculture: Toward the Philosophy of World Integration: Essays on Wu Kuang-Ming's Thinking

by Wu Kuang-Ming (Author), Jay Goulding (Editor)

World problems are intercultural, requiring sensitivity to cultural integrity in order to resolve. Wu Kuang-Ming (Ph.D., philosophy, Yale) has been grappling with cultural clashes at their boundary for half a century, insisting that we must first let Chinese thinking be Chinese, not Western, leading thereby to a truly fruitful China-West and West-China interculture. Wu has been proposing how to do so, in a dozen published volumes and beyond. This volume reports Wu's personal and academic journey on this matter, followed by fourteen international scholars' critical appreciations and Wu's grateful responses. Wu's analytical bibliography and the editor's index conclude this volume, the full content of which is itself world interculture in praxis.

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