Digital Measures (DM) at GVSU

Digital Measures (DM) - Activity Insight (AI) is a web-based information management system designed to organize, store and report on faculty teaching, research and service activities. It provides one place for a faculty member to keep information about his/her performance current. Digital Measures eliminates the need to frequently ask you for details about your teaching, research and service accomplishments in order to prepare numerous reports required by accrediting agencies, the news media and various university offices. University administrators (e.g. Chairs, Program Directors, Deans, etc) will be able to use DM to produce many of these reports. You will only need to enter information once and it will be available for many purposes. The DM allows you to easily manage information about your performance and with a simple click of your mouse it can produce the following reports as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or HTML documents.

  • Faculty Activities
  • Personnel Actions
  • Workload
  • Vita

The bottom line for everyone involved is DM will save time by reducing the burden of paperwork associated with reporting. All faculty members are required to use DM.  We strongly encourage you to enter your entire curriculum vitae (CV) because the DM is easy to use. Once your CV is in the DM you are expected to keep your information current. In order to save you time, we up-load information from Banner on your behalf.  Some of those fields are read-only, so if the information is incorrect, please email the correct information to your colleges' DM Liaison. You are also welcome to contact the DM Campus Coordinator.   

Digital Measures Updates

1st time DM users tutorial available

1st time DM users tutorial available

1st time DM users - please browse digital measures website and watch the videos on the Tutorial page

Feb 19, 2020

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