Support Staff

Liz Russell

Liz is the Detroit Center Coordinator. Liz works directly in the Detroit Center and provides assistance to groups looking to utilize the Detroit Center. She helps schedule and set-up professional development sessions, connects with local businesses to offer unique catering options in the building, and provides building tours to guests. 

Liz is a member of the GVSU Charter Schools Office. Prior to joining the GVSU Charter Schools Office, Liz graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a B.S. in Communication and Psychology, and became passionate in education and serving young students after she served as a classroom (substitute) teacher for over three years. Today Liz is pursuing her graduate degree in Communications from GVSU.

Groups affiliated with the GVSU Charter Schools Office interested in using the Detroit Center can contact Liz at (616) 331-9217 or

Detroit Center Coordinator Liz Russell

Kathleen Wright

Kathleen is the Associate Director of Conference & Event Planning at GVSU. Kathleen works directly with GVSU departments that want to schedule academic classes and events in the Center. She is also the primary contact for any non-GVSU group that wants to use the Detroit Center to host a business/community service event.

To schedule an event in the Detroit Center, please contact Kathleen at or (616) 331-6498.

Additional Support

The GVSU Pew Campus & Regional Center Operations Department plays a large role at the GVSU Detroit Center. They are responsible for building maintenance and office space rental/lease inquiries. For more information or questions regarding those topics, please contact the following Building Managers:

Bill Lucksted
Assistant Director of Operations
(616) 331-5809

Lisa Haynes
Associate Vice President of Pew Campus Operations
(616) 331-6700

Department Main Office
351 Bicycle Factory Bldg 
Phone: 616-331-6700 
Fax: 616-331-7289 

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