Liz Russell

Liz is the Detroit Center Manager and a member of the GVSU Facility Services. 

Groups interested in using the Detroit Center can contact Liz at (616) 331-9217 or [email protected].

Detroit Center Coordinator Liz Russell

Kathleen Wright

Kathleen is the Associate Director of Conference & Event Planning at GVSU. Kathleen works directly with GVSU departments that want to schedule academic classes and events in the Center. She is also the primary contact for any non-GVSU group that wants to use the Detroit Center to host a business/community service event.

To schedule an event in the Detroit Center, please contact Kathleen at [email protected] or (616) 331-6498.

Kathleen Wright-Assistant Director of Conference Planning

Additional Support

The Facilities Services - Grand Rapids and Regional Centers plays a large role at the GVSU Detroit Center. They are responsible for building maintenance and office space rental/lease inquiries. For more information or questions regarding those topics, please contact the following Building Managers:

Lisa Haynes
Associate Vice President of Facilities Services Grand Rapids and Regional Centers
(616) 331-6700
[email protected]

Bill Lucksted
Assistant Director of Facilities Services Grand Rapids and Regional Centers
(616) 331-5809
[email protected]

James Russell
Phone: 313-580-7470

Department Main Office
351 Bicycle Factory Bldg 
Phone: (616) 331-6700 
Fax: (616) 331-7289 


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