Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award


The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence’s Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award was established to recognize and encourage outstanding mentoring of graduate students by GVSU faculty members. Recipients will have direct and significant impact and involvement with graduate students, outstanding commitment and effectiveness as a mentor of graduate students, been innovative in mentoring, and have demonstrated unusual effort to provide consistent mentoring of graduate students during the course of their careers at GVSU.   In addition to the honor of being designated a CSCE Distinguished Faculty Mentor, recipients of the Award are given an award of $500.  Nominations for the Award are solicited from deans, department chairs, faculty colleagues, alumni, and current research students.

2021 Recipients


Andrea Bostrom, Ph.D., Professor 
Kirkhof School of Nursing

Dr. Bostrom has 30 years of contributions on behalf of the university and KCON, and an outstanding record of success in mentoring nurses who have gone on to influential positions – from the point of care to institutions of higher education – and has served as chair of Graduate Council since 2017. Her mentoring philosophy emphasizes presence and availability, enthusiasm, curiosity, and mutuality. Dr. Bostrom skillfully navigates the evolutionary transformation of the student through the provision of personal, professional, and technical support to ensure success in graduate school and forward into their professional roles.

Andrea Bostrom, Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award

Karyn Rabourn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 
Educational Leadership and Counseling, and Graduate Program Director 
School of Education

Dr. Rabourn has a long track record of exemplary mentoring of GVSU graduate students in a variety of roles, including master’s project advisor, thesis chair, research partner, internship supervisor, and professional development facilitator. She approaches each of these roles as collaborative learning opportunities where she works with students as partners. Dr. Rabourn’s practice of graduate mentorship assists graduate students in their pursuit of lifelong learning and the continuous improvement of research-informed practices in higher education and student affairs.

Karyn Rabourn, Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award

Application Materials

Information to be included with the nominations:

  • Completed Declaration Page
  • Statement of mentoring philosophy from nominee in regards to graduate research.
  • Three letters of support from colleagues who have knowledge of the nominee’s ability as a teacher/scholar.  One letter of support shall be from the department chair of the nominee’s unit, one shall be from a current graduate student and the third may be from a graduate student, a faculty colleague, advanced degree alumnus or other individual who can comment on the nominee’s qualifications.
  • Listing of mentored graduate studentsname, project, publications (designating as peer or non-peer reviewed) and current position of student.
  • Curriculum Vitae

**Please note: ONLY the above stated documents, combined into a single PDF, will be accepted as a completed nomination packet. No additional documents will be accepted. Please submit electronically to: csce@gvsu.edu 

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria are used in nominations and evaluations of nominees:

  • Extraordinary commitment and effectiveness as a mentor of graduate students including activities such as serving as major professor, minor professor, Graduate Council Representative, committee member, and so forth.
  • Demonstrated record of graduate student success in graduate school and in their professional career (e.g. scholarships/fellowships, awards, placement, career achievements, scholarly works).
  • Demonstrated commitment to creating an environment supportive of graduate student success. 


Process and Timeline


Nominators: Each college sets its own internal deadline for the initial review. The CSCE is not involved in this part of the process. Contact your dean’s office to inquire about internal deadlines for nominations and materials to be submitted to the college dean’s office for review.

Dean’s Office: The candidate’s dean’s office must submit the electronic copy (pdf) of this form and all supporting materials to the CSCE office by November 1. Please submit electronically to: csce@gvsu.edu

Procedures for Administering the CSCE Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award

Each college may nominate a faculty member for this University-wide award. The recipients will be recognized as a distinguished mentor. The award selection procedure is as follows:

The Faculty Award Committee for each college will select one faculty member (except CLAS, which selects up to seven, and Seidman College of Business, which selects up to two) to be considered for the award. Committee members will be selected by the dean. Committee membership will be a minimum of three faculty:

Nominations for the award may come from college dean, department chair, and faculty colleagues. Self-nominations are not accepted.

All full-time faculty members who have been employed at GVSU a minimum of 3 years are eligible.

Only one award will be made each year. The recipient will receive $500. 

An individual faculty member may not receive the award more than once.

The recipient is selected by the Research and Development Committee with representation from the Graduate Council.

The CSCE will forward the names of recipients to the provost and relevant dean by December 15. The dean will inform the recipient of his or her selection. The CSCE will inform nominees who are not selected. 



All tenured and tenure-track faculty members 

Declaration Page

Download a Declaration Page