Book Publication Subvention Fund

The Book Publication Subvention Fund was established to provide faculty with the opportunity to apply for subvention funding to assist with the costs of scholarly publication. These subventions guarantee that scholarly works of significance by GVSU faculty can be published even if the prospective audience is limited. Subventions are considered particularly applicable in cases where publication costs are unusually high due to artwork, permissions, and other special production elements. 

About the Fund

Publication subvention support is awarded on a competitive basis, contingent on the availability of funds, and is not guaranteed.  Cost sharing from the faculty member’s department and college is encouraged.  In general, the highest priority will be given to projects where subvention funds are explicitly required for publication that is, where the publisher’s contract requires an author subvention in order for the book to be published. Projects are eligible for up to $1,000 in subvention support. 

Cases where subvention is not an absolute requirement, but would in some way facilitate the publication of the work, or allow for the addition of essential material that would not otherwise be included, may also be considered, as a lower priority, This category might include such things as indexing, the preparation of reference materials, or other optional materials such as images or maps that would enhance the book in some way. The applicant must provide a brief statement explaining how the additional material will significantly enhance the value and effectiveness of the book. 

Please note: this fund does not support the publication costs in open access journals.


  • Proposals are accepted from tenured or tenure-track faculty members on continuing appointment at Grand Valley State University.
  • No faculty member may receive publication subvention support more than once in a two-year period.
  • A faculty member who has or will receive a cash advance from the publisher is not eligible for publication subvention.

Each application must be reviewed and endorsed in writing by the author’s department chairperson and dean. The chairperson’s and dean’s signature on the application form acknowledges the significance of the book and its importance for the author’s career development. In addition, these signatures acknowledge the availability of any departmental or college subvention support specified in the author’s application. The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence will make all final decisions concerning subvention support.

Book Subvention application materials will be reviewed quarterly.

How to Apply

Submit your application online.

You will need:

  • Signed Statement of Understanding (download form here)
  • Written statement of the press’s editorial policies
  • CV or brief biographical sketch of the author
  • Copies of prepublication reviews
  • Letters of support from your department chairperson and dean
  • Copy of final and fully executed contract with the publisher
  • Copies of any correspondence with the publisher concerning subvention required, the costs the subvention will defray, and any royalty arrangement

Please Note: All material in a foreign language should be accompanied by a translation in English.

Budget Information / Terms & Conditions

Support awarded to an author will be paid directly to the publisher. The publisher will be required to provide written assurance that the funds will be returned to GVSU in the eventuality that the book is not published for any reason.

The following conditions are attached to the award of subvention support and must be accepted by the recipient:

  • The faculty member will be solely responsible for any and all tax consequences that may result from the payment of the publication subvention support to the publisher.
  • The faculty member must agree to acknowledge Grand Valley State University publication subvention support in the preface of the book.
  • The author must agree to provide one copy of the book to the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons at no cost to Grand Valley State University.​​​​​​​

In cases where royalties are to be paid to the faculty member by the publisher, the faculty member is encouraged to assign any prospective royalty revenue to Grand Valley State University up to the amount of the subvention support awarded. Royalties paid to the University will be returned to the Book Publication Subvention Fund for use in supporting other faculty members requesting publication subvention support.

Page last modified October 9, 2023