Are you a Grand Valley employee working remotely? Here are some resources on how to connect to campus resources, video chat, and use VPN connectivity:

If many people in your office are working remotely, please place a department or building sign in your window to alert potential student or client visitors of the current remote work circumstances. Signs for buildings and departments are available.

Information for Staff


Staff members: Information regarding campus operations and resources can be found below.

  • Remote academic instruction will continue through August 4.
  • As of Wednesday, March 18, staff members who can fulfill their responsibilities by working remotely are expected to do so. Please be in touch with your appointing officer for approval and to discuss an efficient move to this new deployment. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of our colleagues with school-age children who, because of widespread K-12 closures, are at home.  
  • Individuals already identified as essential employees should expect to continue to perform their work on campus, practicing social distancing and healthy practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Please consult with your appointing officer to determine if work schedules or shifts will be adjusted.
  • Employees in other critical functions may be asked to support a limited physical presence on campus in order to continue to provide essential student support functions. Affected departments may change as circumstances evolve. Please consult with your appointing officer.
  • Employees with unique circumstances, health risks, or other issues not addressed above are invited to discuss this with their appointing officer. We will do everything we can to accommodate.
  • University food services are closed. More information is available at
  • If your office employs student workers, please reach out to them regarding their individual situation.
  • The university has canceled large events, including events organized by outside groups until further notice. If you have questions on event scheduling, contact (616) 331-6620 for events on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus, and (616) 331-2350 for events on the Allendale Campus.
  • All campus athletics and recreation facilities will be closed until further notice.
  • The Mary Idema Pew Library is closed until further notice. 
  • Be aware that scams are appearing in the unease surrounding COVID-19. Avoid malicious cyberattacks by using tips from Information Technology.
  • Faculty and staff who need counseling or support can access resources through Encompass.

Page last modified May 26, 2020