Health & Wellness

Co-Curricular Collaborations

The Division of Student Services is committed to collaborating with you to enhance student learning in and out of the classroom. The list of topics below provide a wide array of programs that can be covered within your class. To request a specific topic please click the "REQUEST PROGRAM" link and complete the request form.


Overview of Campus Recreation Programs and Services

Topic include: ways to get involved, how Campus Recreation can enhance your college experience, and life after college. This includes Outdoor Adventure, bike rentals, facility usage along with Competitive sports, Group Exercise and Fitness and Wellness options. 


Power of a Positive Approach

Developing a growth mindset helps students deal with obstacles and encourages persistence in academic situations. This workshop will discuss the concept of mindset and help students identify areas in which a fixed mindset may be getting in their way.  Students will learn how to “reframe” the way they are looking at situations in a more growth oriented way. Strategies and for dealing with setbacks and obstacles will be shared.



In the United States, a person commits suicide every 15 minutes and suicide remains the 2nd leading cause of death among college students. The QPR program will help students recognize the warning signs of suicide and teach the QPR method (Question, Persuade, Refer) of suicide prevention. It will also relay common myths and misconceptions about suicide.


Stress Management

This one hour interactive program will provide education about stressors and stress management - more specifically the consequences of stress, common stressors that exist in college life, and a basic stepwise approach to self-care and stress management techniques.


Time Management

This presentation will include suggestions for organization systems and time management techniques that will help students be in control of their life and learning. We will help students identify strategies that they can put in place immediately to help them achieve their goals and improve their effectiveness. We will also discuss common pitfalls and challenges of implementing a structured system.


Wellness and Self-Care for College Students

This topic covers an overview of important wellness based strategies to encourage healthy behaviors while at college. Included are resources available and how to navigate some of these options. 


Your Sustainable Lifestyle at GVSU

This presentation provides an overview of sustainability-related opportunities at GVSU, with an emphasis on how students can get engaged and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


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