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GVSU Out of State Scholarship for Chicago Students

You must have a 3.3 GPA to qualify.

Discover Grand Valley

The first thing you may learn about Grand Valley State University is that we’re just three hours from Chicago, right outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second-largest city. Next up, you can discover the power of what can be through a wide array of opportunities, connections, and experiences such as:

  • GVSU Out of State Scholarship for Chicago students makes tuition the same as Michigan resident tuition;
  • For Illinois students that are not from Chicago, GVSU non-Michigan resident tuition is lower than in-state tuition of many academically comparable Chicago area schools;
  • tuition for all of our 45 graduate programs is the same for out-of-state students as it is for Michigan students regardless of address;
  • our Admissions merit-based scholarships lowers non-Michigan resident students’ tuition to in-state GVSU tuition;
  • our most popular programs and majors align with the most in-demand industries, including robust health professions, engineering, and business programs; and
  • our beautiful campuses, amazing living centers, and active student life keep students engaged.

You’ll see how you will become a force for positive change, carving a path to a bright future that will set you apart from the pack and make an impact on your community and beyond. That is how Grand Valley graduates distinguish themselves. That is the Laker Effect.

We Are Closer Than You Think

Grand Valley State University, and its relevant and practical undergraduate and graduate programs, is closer to Chicago than you may realize. Just 30 minutes from Lake Michigan resort towns Holland and Grand Haven, Grand Valley’s main campus is in Allendale, MI, 13 miles from downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second biggest city. Grand Rapids is also a fantastic place to live. It was ranked second in Michigan and 20th in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

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Low Out-of-State Tuition

Grand Valley State University is an outstanding academic investment for Chicago-area students. Not only does Grand Valley have one of the lowest tuition rates of any Michigan public university, our out-of-state total annual costs to attend are less than those of many academically comparable Chicago area and Illinois schools. Click the button below to see the annual costs to attend for each.

In addition, Grand Valley offers valuable scholarships for academically qualified students with a 3.3 GPA. For example, our GVSU Out of State Scholarship awards admitted Chicago residents the difference between full-time Michigan resident tuition and non-resident tuition.

If you are looking for a rewarding and affordable graduate education, check out The Graduate School at GVSU. Graduate tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students, giving Chicago area students an even greater return on their investment.

GVSU Cost Comparison to Illinois Schools

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Passionate Faculty

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Real-World Experience

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The Laker Effect

Grand Valley's' Laker Effect video.

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