Find So Much, So Close, For So Much Less Than Local Colleges

The first thing you may learn about Grand Valley State University is that we’re just three hours from Chicago, right outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second-largest city. Next up, you can discover the power of what can be through a wide array of opportunities, connections, and experiences such as:

  • GVSU out-of-state tuition is lower than in-state tuition of many academically comparable Chicago area schools;
  • tuition for all of our 42 graduate programs is the same for out-of-state students as it is for Michigan students;
  • our Award for Excellence Scholarship lowers non-Michigan resident students’ tuition to $2,000 per year below in-state GVSU tuition;
  • our most popular programs and majors align with the most in-demand industries, including robust health professions, engineering, and business programs; and
  • our beautiful campuses, amazing living centers, and active student life keep students engaged.

You’ll see how you will become a force for positive change, carving a path to a bright future that will set you apart from the pack and make an impact on your community and beyond. That is how Grand Valley graduates distinguish themselves. That is the Laker Effect.

See why more Chicago area students than ever are making Grand Valley State University their choice for undergraduate and graduate education!  

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