Graduation Information

Applying for Graduation

Apply for graduation by following these steps:

  • Log in to myBanner
  • Click "Student"
  • Click "Student Records"
  • Click "Apply to Graduate"
  • Follow Prompts 

or submit an Application for Undergraduate Diploma to the records office. 


When to Apply

Students who believe they are ready to graduate should apply for graduation after registering for their final degree requirements. This will allow the most time for a graduation audit to be processed and a student to be notified if any deficiencies remain. This could be as far as a year in advance. 


Graduation vs. Commencement

There is often confusion that the two terms mean the same thing...they don't.

Graduation is the completion of ALL degree requirements. This may include internships, incomplete grades, or missing transfer credits. Please refer to your myPath or meet with your academic advisor if you are unsure about missing requirements.

Commencement is the ceremony that take place at Van Andel arena. You may participate in the ceremony appropriate for the semester you will earn your degree: 

  • Graduating in April or August = Commence in April
  • Graduating in December = Commence in December

For more information on the commencement process, please visit the official commencement website at:

Page last modified June 22, 2017