Infographic Handouts

This infographic details athlete burnout and mental health, including signs and symptoms and how to get help.

This infographic explains the effects of stress, the symptoms of stress and how to reduce stress through self-care.

This infographic highlights the prevalence of suicide and explains the warning signs and how to obtain help.  Suicide is preventable.

Understanding Bullying and Hazing in Sports

This infographic defines bullying and hazing and gives examples of signs to look out for if you are concerned someone may be experiencing bullying or hazing. 

Mental Health Card: Helping Athletes/Patients in Crisis

This infographic gives advice on when to address concerns and when to take action in a crisis situation.

Clocking Nutrition

This infographic shares recommendations on when to consume foods to help with endurance and performance.

This infographic explains the importance of nutrition, especially with the inclusion of macronutrients which can aid the body in recovery and assist with overall health.

This infographic showcases healthful ways to maintain weight and outlines unsafe weight management practices.

This infographic outlines the power of sleep and how sleep can impact your cognitive, mental and physical health.

Infographic Source: National Athletic Trainers' Association

Page last modified May 27, 2020