Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon Career Choice Program?

The Amazon Career Choice Program is an innovative tuition assistance program for Amazon and Subsidiary associates. The program is designed to provide you with financial assistance as you plan your future career path, whether you choose to continue at Amazon, an Amazon Subsidiary company, or pursue your next opportunity in another industry. The Career Choice Program provides you with a financial resource to build the job skills you need for today’s most in-demand careers such as commercial driver training (CDL), computer-aided design, machine tool technology, dental hygiene, and nursing, to name a few.

Who is eligible for this program?

All Amazon and Subsidiary* active benefits-eligible hourly (non-exempt) associates in the U.S. who have been employed as full-time, regular (blue badge) employees for at least one continuous year are eligible to participate in this program. In addition, active regular part-time hourly field associates (20-29 hours per week) who have been employed for one continuous year at Amazon are eligible.

*Eligible Subsidiaries include: A100, A2Z, Brilliance, ComiXology, CreateSpace,, Goodreads, Quidsi, Shoefitr, Shopbop, and Woot.

How do I apply?

Go to to learn about this benefit and apply. You’ll need to create an account with International Scholarship and Tuition Services (ISTS) to get started. You can also call or email them at 866-795-4891 or [email protected] with questions.

After you create an account, you’ll apply for your field of study. Once your field of study is approved, you then will need to apply for your class or course(s). Even though your field of study has been approved, you must apply for your courses before the start of each term. If you apply after the term starts, your courses will not be approved. Give yourself plenty of time for your application to be reviewed and approved. Until you have received a written course approval via email, you should consider a course unapproved, regardless of any discussions you may have had with any representative of Amazon or ISTS regarding the course.

You can apply for Career Choice up to 90 days prior to the start of your course start date. We recommend applying at least 3 – 4 weeks in advance of your course start date to allow time for the pre-payment process to happen. And remember, you are responsible for ensuring you bring your completed Tuition Voucher to your school and paying your 5%.

What fields of study are qualified for the program?

You can earn vocational certifications and two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees with Career Choice. Some eligible fields of study include: Commercial Driver License (CDL) training, Healthcare Delivery and Lab Services, Information Technology and Computer Science, Construction Trades, Mechanical and Electrical Trades, Aerospace, and Transportation and Logistics. Because not all fields of study are eligible, it is important that you submit your major/ field of study and educational institution for approval prior to applying for your classes.

What are the maximum benefits under the program?

Amazon will pre-pay, or reimburse, up to 95% of the tuition, associated fees, and text books up to a maximum of to $3,000 per rolling twelve (12)-month period for full-time associates and $1,500 per rolling twelve (12)-month period for regular part-time associates. This means full-time associates can receive up to $12,000 and part-time associates can receive up to $6,000 over four consecutive years, which begins as of the start date of your first course.

Certain vocational certifications cost more than $3,000 and require less than one year of coursework. Are these types of certifications eligible for Amazon's program?

Generally, no. However, we recognize there are specific programs such as a commercial truck driver certification that can be obtained within one year but with the total cost exceeding the $3,000 rolling 12-month period maximum benefit. In situations like this, you should call or email International Scholarship and Tuition Services (ISTS) at 866-795-4891 or [email protected] to confirm whether the course is eligible for an exception. In no circumstances will more than $5,250 be paid for any program during a calendar year and any exception will count against your four year lifetime maximum

How Does Career Choice work with Financial Aid?

If you apply for Financial Aid and receive any scholarships, grants, V.A. benefits or other assistance from an outside source that does not have to be repaid, those funds will be used towards your tuition before the Career Choice tuition funds are used. For example, if the total tuition and fees is $2,500 and you receive $1,400 in outside assistance (not including loans), the total amount eligible for payment under Career Choice would be $1,100 ($2,500 - $1,400). Career Choice should always be used before you take out any loans. You should apply for Career Choice each term so that if your scholarship or grant is used up, Career Choice funding can be an option.

Benefits provided under Career Choice are not intended to duplicate or be combined with any other Amazon educational assistance program covering the same period of time.

My classes conflict with my shift schedule. Will Amazon adjust my work schedule so that I can attend classes?

Amazon recognizes that full-time associates participating in this program will have fixed class schedules which may need to be accommodated. Full-time associates should discuss scheduling needs with HR or Workflow. It is expected that part-time associates will not require school accommodations.

How many hours do I need to work each week to be considered "full-time" and "part-time"?

30 hours or more per week for full-time and 20-29 hours per week for part-time.

If I don't pass or complete a course, will I be required to repay the tuition paid by Amazon?

No, you will not be required to repay Amazon, but you will not be eligible for further tuition assistance under the Program until:

a. You retake and successfully pass the course at your own expense, or
b. The funds already paid for the course are repaid either by you or the college.

Salaried employees are not eligible for this benefit. What happens if I am promoted from hourly to salaried?

If you are enrolled in the program, Amazon will continue to provide assistance for tuition, textbooks and associated fees for courses in which you are already enrolled. You will not be eligible for further participation.

Is online course work eligible for Amazon's program?

Yes, if the course is from an accredited school and in an approved field of study.

Am I able to use the program to fund my bachelor's degree or graduate work?

No. The Amazon Career Choice Program supports vocational training or two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees.

What if I am already enrolled in a vocational or technical training course?

You will not be reimbursed for courses you took prior to becoming eligible for Career Choice. You can submit for future courses to be approved.

How long can I participate in the program?

You will be eligible to participate in the program for up to four consecutive years from the start date of your first course.

I've completed my program. Now what do I do?

Congratulations! As soon as you complete your program, you will need to complete a Verification of Completion application through your ISTS account. You can then scan and upload your certificate or diploma to your application.

Page last modified April 11, 2022