OSH 300 Course Substitutions

Substitution Classes for OSH 300 & HPR 220 under the HPR Degree

The HPR program has submitted a program change which deletes OSH 300 & HPR 220 from the HPR major. The following is a partial list of courses can be substituted for OSH 300 (NOTE: Some courses have pre-requisites):

AHS 100: Medical Terminology (only for those with older HPR major)
AHS 330 Health Care: A Global Perspective
AHS 352 Introduction to Holistic Health Care
AHS 380: Introduction to Community Health
AHS 380: Consumers Health
ANT 310: Perspectives in Bio-anthropology
ANT 320: Culture and Disease
BIO 309: Plants and Human Health
BIO 325: Human Sexuality
BIO 328: Biomedical Ethics
BMS 100: Human Health and Disease
BMS 222: Intro to Public Health
BMS 305: Clinical Nutrition
BMS 306: Advanced Human Nutrition
BMS 310: Basic Pathophysiology
BMS 311: Pharmacological Aspects of Biomedical Science
BMS 374: Physiological Aspects of Death & Dying
BMS 375: Biology of Aging
Bus Courses – for those not going to graduate school
CMB 250: Intro to Biotechnology
COM 209: Health Communications Systems
HST 370: History of Medicine & Health
LIB 314: Life Journey
LIB 330: The Idea of Nature
MOV 300: Kinesiology
PHI 300: Theories of Human Nature
PSY 303: Psychopathology
PSY – any of the developmental (Infant, adolescent, etc) courses
PSY 364; Developmental Psychology
PSY 367: Health Psychology
PA 330: Healthcare Financing
SOC 356: Sociology of Health Care
WGS 335: Women, Health & Environment

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