Area and Global Studies

Housed in Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Area and Global Studies (AGS) plays a pivotal role in internationalizing our campus. The activities of AGS are supported by dedicated joint appointees and associate faculty across the University. In addition to dozens of classes which introduce students to the complexities of the major world regions, AGS organizes numerous events which intellectually nourish and culturally enrich the university -- and expose all who attend to the many issues and wonders of our shrinking world.

Our Mission

The mission of Area and Global Studies is to educate students to be well-informed global citizens who are knowledgeable and creative in their thinking about cultures, global issues and interrelated perspectives of diverse geographic regions, and groups of people and ethnicities.

Our Programs

Area and Global Studies is committed to the advancement of global and regional learning, student-centered teaching, interdisciplinary research, and community engagement through our programs.

The AAA minor prepares students for an increasingly diverse world of peoples, cultures, religions, and economies.

The EAS minor helps students gain intercultural knowledge and competence in this increasingly globalized world.

The GSI major prepares students to be innovative, flexible thinkers within their local and global communities.

The LAS minor teaches the diverse histories and cultures of Latin America and the experiences of Latino/as in the U.S.

The LSC certificate helps students gain a deep intercultural understanding as they learn about the important demographic of Latinos/as in the U.S.

The MES minor introduces students to the rich heritage and perspectives of Middle East cultures, helping them to better understand their own.

Study Abroad in Namibia Summer 2019

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