Benefits of Building Connections with Faculty

All students are urged to seek regular counsel and support in their coursework, in choosing future classes in your major, and in considering career options.  In all of these areas and more, professors are an incredibly valuable resource.  By building relationships with professors through office hours and other interactions during and outside of class, students gain opportunities to take advantage of their expertise in many ways.  For example, talking with a professor in office hours enables a student to get one-on-one support that is customized to their particular strengths and weaknesses in understanding course material.  In addition, professors are aware of all sorts of additional opportunities for students, including internships, research experiences, conferences, scholarships, and more; students who work to know their professors well increase the likelihood that their interest and involvement sparks a professor to suggest an opportunity to them and be willing to write a supporting letter of recommendation.  Finally, professors want to see their students succeed.  By meeting with professors and communicating with them outside of class, students demonstrate their own commitment to success and contribute to the development of strong, healthy, accountable relationships between students and professors.  


Page last modified January 10, 2020