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The Department of Writing offers instruction in academic, creative, and professional writing. Academic writing courses, which are designed for all students in the university community, include first-year composition and junior-level writing. For students who choose to major in writing, the department offers coursework in creative and professional writing. The department also offers a minor in writing for students wishing to enhance their writing abilities for personal or professional reasons.

The Writing Major is a 21st-century major that prepares students in very specific ways for the multi-disciplinary world we live in. Emphasizing liberal learning in rhetoric and craft, the writing major provides students with learning and skill sets directly applicable to the contemporary workplace, and teaches students to develop modes of thought that make them valuable participants in the 21st-century workplace. In other words, the Writing Major provides a practical and contemporary liberal education.

Academic writing, creative writing, and professional writing all belong to the liberal arts. As disciplines, they seek to sensitize student writers to the values and practices of particular genres of writing. The overall goal is to develop in students the ability to write well in a variety of contexts. Students develop this ability by reading and analyzing models and by drafting and revising original work in a workshop setting. Academic writing explores the art of writing well in specific disciplinary contexts. Creative writing explores the art of writing literary fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. Professional writing explores the art of writing non-fiction and workplace writing.

The department has 45 faculty and approximately 200 majors and 150 minors. Altogether we offer about 220 sections a year in academic, creative, and professional writing.

The mission of the Department of Writing is to develop in students the ability to write well in a variety of contexts and to promote good writing and good writing pedagogy in our local academic and non-academic communities.

As writers and teachers of writing, we value an academic environment that involves community, collaboration, interdisciplinary research, a progressive reliance on technology for rhetorical ends, a connection to the local, national, and international writing community, and a commitment to supporting academic, creative, and professional concerns in our university and the local community.

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