August 2014

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, graduate students are denoted with a *, and undergraduate students are denoted with **.


Ryan Thum was a co-author with Jane Herbert of Michigan State University Extension on a 2-part publication.  Part 1 title: Keeping an eye on hybrid watermilfoils in Michigan inland lakes, and Part 2 title: Stepping up to cooperatively manage your lake’s aquatic plant community.  Here are the links:

Al Steinman is a co-author of a recently published manuscript.  The lead author is Liqiang Xie, a former postdoc at AWRI.
Xie, L., H. T. Hanyu, N. Futatsugi, M. Komatsu, A.D. Steinman, H-D Park. 2014. Inhibitory effect of naringin on microcystin uptake in the freshwater snail Sinotaia histrica. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 38: 430-437.

(Presenter listed first)

Brandon Harris, graduate student working with Carl Ruetz, attended and presented at the 144th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada from August 17 – 21.
Harris, B.S.*, C.R. Ruetz III, A.C. Wieten, M.E.L. Altenritter, and K.M. Smith.  Oral.  Population status of lake sturgeon in the Muskegon River system, Michigan.

Rick Rediske gave two workshops aboard the research vessel W. G. Jackson about Great Lakes Issues for the Biannual Conference on Chemistry Education (BCCE) on August 4 and on August 6.

Rick Rediske was a co-author on a presentation with Dalila Kovacs about Toxicology in Undergraduate Green Chemistry Programs on August 5, also part of the BCCE.

Rick Rediske was a member of a group presentation on trans-disciplinary collaboration for GVSU’s Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning on August 20.