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May 2016

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, undergraduate students are denoted with a single asterisk*, graduate students are denoted with two asterisks**, and post-docs are denoted with three asterisks***.


There were no new publications for this issue.  Check again next month!


(Presenter listed first)

AWRI was represented at the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) annual meeting held in Sacramento, California from May 21 – 26, 2016.  Attending were: Delilah Clement, Emily Dean, Travis Ellens, Nick Gezon, Mike Hassett, Emily Kindervater, Suse LaGory, Jim McNair, Carl Ruetz, Justin Wegner, and Graeme Zaparzynski.
Clement, D.** and A.D. Steinman.  Oral.  Does phosphorus from agricultural tile drains fuel algal blooms?
Dean, E. M.** and M. R. Luttenton.  Oral.  The effect of seasonal fish migration on energy budgets in two coastal Michigan streams.
Ellens, T.**, C.R. Ruetz III, and S.L. Kohler.  Poster.  Top-down effects of fish on benthic macroinvertebrates and periphyton in a Michigan stream.
Gezon, N.R.**, K.B. Strychar, and I. Hewson.  Poster.  Understanding viral pathogens and their impact on important endemic invertebrate species.
Hassett, M., M. Oudsema, M. Ogdahl, and A.D. Steinman.  Poster.  Muskegon Lake long-term monitoring and stakeholder communication.
Kindervater, E.** and A.D. Steinman.  Poster.  Phosphorus retention in West Michigan two-stage agricultural ditches.
LaGory, S.**, C.R. Ruetz III, and M.E. Altenritter.  Poster.  Leaf packs reduce predation risk for stream invertebrates.
McNair, J., R.A. Thum, and S.R. Parks**.  Oral.  Modeling lake invasions by cryptic watermilfoil taxa and their eco-evolutionary responses to management.
Wegner, J.**, G. Zaparzynski**, and M. Luttenton.  Oral.  Summertime movement and microhabitat use by brook trout in a small Michigan stream.
Zaparzynski, G.**, J. Wegner**, and M. Luttenton.  Oral.  Evaluating foraging habits, prey consumption, and growth of brook trout in a coolwater Michigan stream.

Bopi Biddanda attended a meeting titled “Unseen Partners: Manipulating Microbial Communities that Support Life on Earth” held at the University of Michigan on May 16-17.
Biddanda, B.  Oral presentation and poster.  Life’s gradient:  photosynthesis to chemosynthesis in low-oxygen, high-sulfur ecosystems.

Al Steinman was the plenary speaker for the National Garden Club meeting in Grand Rapids on May 6. He spoke on climate change and water.