June 2015

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, graduate students are denoted with a *, undergraduate students are denoted with **, and post-docs are denoted with ***.


Janet Vail, former Target Inquiry teacher Ashley Meyer, graduate student Anthony Weinke, and Bopi Biddanda were co-authors of an article published in MSTA (Michigan Science Teachers Association) Journal:
Vail, J., A. Meyer, A. Weinke* and B. Biddanda.  2015.  Water quality monitoring: Lesson plan for exploring time-series data.  MSTA Journal.  60 (1): 37-48.

(Presenter listed first)

John Koches and Gabriella Thelen, summer Annis Intern, prepared curriculum and hosted a G3 (Grandparents, Grandchildren, and Grand Valley) event at the Lake Michigan Center on June 24.  The G3 is organized by the GVSU Regional Math and Science Center.

Al Steinman presented about the natural resources of Muskegon Lake at a Visioning 2020 event held by West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission at MAREC on June 10.

Al Steinman presented on the topic of Managing Michigan’s Water Resources at the Spring Lake Library on June 15.

Al Steinman presented the Leadership topic at the Community Foundation for Muskegon County’s Board of Trustees meeting on June 17.  His presentation was titled: “Muskegon Lake: A model success story combining science, community, and philanthropy”.

Al Steinman presented at the Detroit Grand Lecture Series regarding the Blue Economy project on June 30.

Kevin Strychar was a keynote speaker at the Oceanography 2015 conference held in Philadelphia, PA from June 22 - 24.  He also presented at a break out session, and was co-chair for three sessions - Marine Science and Engineering, Coastal and Marine Resources, and Marine Pollution and its Management.
Strychar, K.  Oral (Keynote Speaker).  Climate Change: memory in corals allows faster adaptation to global warming and changing environmental issues.
Strychar, K.  Oral.  Climate change responses of the stony coral Tubastrea sp. and their bacterial symbionts.

Janet Vail co-presented the MEECS (Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support) Climate Change unit during MEECS Week at the GVSU Regional Math and Science Center held June 16 - 18 on GVSU’s Allendale campus.  She also assisted with two other units – Water Quality and Ecosystems.