Dec 2015/Jan 2016

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, undergraduate students are denoted with a single asterisk*, graduate students are denoted with two asterisks**, and post-docs are denoted with three asterisks***.


Bopi Biddanda and post-doctoral researcher Dirk Koopmans are co-authors on an article accepted to the GVSU Regional Math & Science Center publication InterChange:
Biddanda, B. and D. Koopmans***.  In Press.  Freshwater Furnace: Global significance of the changing freshwater carbon cycle.  InterChange.

Rick Rediske is a co-author on an article published in Environmental Science & Technology:
Gerig, B.S., T.C. Dominic, D.J. Janetski***, R.R. Rediske, J.P. O'Keefe, A.H. Moerke, G.A. Lamberti.  2016.  Congener patterns of persistent organic pollutants establish the extent of contaminant biotransport by Pacific Salmon in the Great Lakes.  Environmental Science & Technology 50(2):554-63.

Rick Rediske is a co-author on an article published in PLoS One:
Madenjian, C.P., O.P. Jensen, R.R. Rediske, J.P. O'Keefe, A.R. Vastano, S.A. Pothoven.  2016.  Differences in energy expenditures and growth dilution explain higher PCB concentrations in male summer flounder.  PLoS One 11(1):e0147223.

Carl Ruetz is a co-author on an article now in print in the Journal of Great Lakes Research:
Bhagat, Y.***, C.R. Ruetz III, and A.L. (Koster)Akins*.  2015.  Differential habitat use by the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) and Dreissena spp. in coastal habitats of eastern Lake Michigan.  Journal of Great Lakes Research 41:1087-1093. 

Carl Ruetz is a co-author on an article accepted to Transactions of the American Fisheries Society:
Rutherford, E.S., J. Allison**, C.R. Ruetz III, J.R. Elliott, J.K. Nohner, M.R. DuFour, R.P. O’Neal, D.J. Jude, and S.R. Hensler.  In press.  Density and survival of walleye (Sander vitreus) eggs and larvae in a Great Lakes tributary.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.

Al Steinman is a co-author on a manuscript that is now available online:
Nogaro, G.***, A. Harris*, and A.D. Steinman.  2016.  Alum application, invertebrate bioturbation and sediment characteristics interact to affect nutrient exchanges in eutrophic ecosystems.  Freshwater Science.

Al Steinman and Mary Ogdahl (formerly at AWRI) are co-authors on a USGS publication:
Brennan, A.K., C.J. Hoard, J.W. Duris, M.E. Ogdahl, and A.D. Steinman. 2015. Water quality and hydrology of Silver Lake, Oceana County, Michigan, with emphasis on lake response to nutrient loading, 2012–14. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015–5158, 75 pp.


(Presenter listed first)

AWRI was represented at the Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference held in Grand Rapids from January 24 – 27.  Several of our personnel attended, and some gave presentations.

Chorak, G.M.**, C.R. Ruetz III, D.J. Koopmans***, A.D. Weinke**, D.J. Janetski***, and B. Biddanda.  Poster.  Hypolimnetic hypoxia across a gradient of Lake Michigan drowned river mouth lakes.

Giffin, B.** and C.G. Partridge.  Poster.  The use of propidium monoazide (PMA) and qPCR to differentiate E. coli cells on beaches.

McNair, J.N., C.R. Ruetz III, and A. Carlson**.  Oral.  Reducing effects of dispersal on the bias of 2-sample mark-recapture abundance estimators.

Wegner, J.**, G. Zaparzynski**, and M. Luttenton.  Poster.  Brook trout movement, behavioral thermoregulation, and habitat use in a disturbed Michigan stream system.

Weinke A.**, C. Ruetz, D. Koopmans***, and B. Biddanda.  Poster.  Out of Breath: Hypoxia and its effects on fish species composition and abundance in the bottom waters of Muskegon Lake, Michigan, with lake-wide implications.

Whitten, A.L. and C.R. Ruetz III.  Oral.  Littoral fish assemblages in two Lake Michigan drown river mouths:  preliminary results.

Zaparzynski, G.**, J. Wegner**, and M. Luttenton.  Poster.  Quantifying the selectivity of brook trout toward available prey items in a small Michigan stream.

Tony Fiore presented highlights of the first 10 years that our research vessel D.J. Angus has been at Harbor Island to the Grand Haven City Council on December 7.

Delilah Clement gave a presentation about her thesis research findings at the Michigan Ag Business Association in Lansing on January 12. Her presentation was titled “Tile Drains as a Source of Bioavailable Phosphorus in the Macatawa Watershed”.

Delilah Clement, Emily Kindervater, and Maggie Oudsema each presented on AWRI Project Clarity research at the annual Macatawa Area Coordinating Council meeting on December 4 in Holland.

Charlyn Partridge was lead author on a poster presented at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology conference in Portland, Oregon on January 4.
Partridge, C.G., M.D. MacManes, R. Knapp (presenter), and B.D. Neff.  Poster.  Brain transcriptional profiles of male alternative reproductive tactics in bluegill sunfish.

Rick Rediske gave a presentation to a Rotary group about Outdoor Education on January 14.

Carl Ruetz and Andrya Whitten presented at the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership meeting at AWRI on January 28.  They discussed their findings based on the first year of sampling fish and water quality at Veterans Memorial Park.

Al Steinman gave a presentation to the Muskegon Rotary Club on December 3. He spoke on Michigan’s Blue Economy.

Al Steinman was a guest lecturer for a Mark Luttenton’s Limnology course on December 9.

Al Steinman presented at the CLAS Research Colloquium on Michigan’s Blue Economy on January 21.