July & August 2015

Presentations & Publications

AWRI staff are in bold, graduate students are denoted with a *, undergraduate students are denoted with **, and post-docs are denoted with ***.


Yakuta Bhagat, who worked with the Ruetz lab as a post-doc, had a publication accepted in the Journal of Great Lakes Research, based on her post-doc research at AWRI.  Carl Ruetz and Andrea Koster are co-authors.  Andrea was an undergraduate summer intern at AWRI assisting with this research.
Bhagat, Y.***, A. Koster**, and C.R. Ruetz III.  In press.  Differential habitat use by the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) and Dreissena spp. in coastal habitats of eastern Lake Michigan.  Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Al Steinman is lead author on a manuscript about the Spring Lake Stormwater project, funded by Michigan Sea Grant.  Kurt Thompson and Elaine Sterrett Isely are co-authors:
Steinman, A.D., E.S. Isely, and K. Thompson.  2015.  Stormwater runoff to an impaired lake: impacts and solutions.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 187: xxx-xxx.  Doi:10.1007/s10661-015-4776-z

Al Steinman is a co-author on an article with Liqiang Xie, who was a post-doc in the Rediske lab, published in the journal Toxins:
Su, X., Q. Xue, L. Xie, A.D. Steinman, and Y. Zhao.  2015.  Spatiotemporal dynamics of microcystin variants and relationships with environmental parameters in Lake Taihu, China.  Toxins 7: 3224-3244.

(Presenter listed first)

Rod Denning gave a presentation using ArcGIS Online/Story Maps tools at the Groundswell Summer Institute for local educators on July 28.

Brandon Harris, recent graduate student working with Carl Ruetz, gave an oral presentation on adult lake sturgeon movement to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Lake Sturgeon Committee on July 21 at the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery.

John Koches gave a presentation about remote sensing and monitoring tools at the Groundswell Summer Institute for local educators on July 28.

Syndell Parks gave a presentation at the Aquatic Plant Management Society conference held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on July 15.  The title of her presentation was “Impacts of herbicide management on watermilfoil species dynamics in a field setting.”

Carl Ruetz attended the Symposium for European Freshwater Science held July 5 – 10 in Geneva, Switzerland.  He presented a poster at the conference:
Ruetz, C.R., III, S.M.P. Morsches**, and D.J. Janetski***.  Environmental drivers of fish community structure in river mouths of Lake Michigan, USA.

Al Steinman gave a presentation on Michigan’s Blue Economy at the Detroit Grand Lecture Series on June 30.

Al Steinman was a guest lecturer for Mark Luttenton’s Intro to Environmental Studies class on July 27.

Al Steinman gave a presentation on the topic of Great Lakes Challenges to the Sierra Club in the Stony Lake area on August 22.

Kevin Strychar attended the Botany 2015 conference held in Edmonton, Alberta Canada from July 25 – 29.
Strychar, K.  Oral.  Developing new techniques to better understand Microcystis sp. blooms in freshwater lakes.

Janet Vail helped to facilitate the Groundswell/LGREI workshop held July 27-30. 

Janet Vail presented a program on NOAA’s vessel for the West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative teacher workshop on August 6.

Janet Vail gave a Project WET workshop for the North Park Montessori teachers on August 31.

Brian Zuber, graduate student working with Rick Rediske, presented on the results of his MS research at the MDEQ Green Infrastructure Conference in Grand Rapids on August 5.  The title of his presentation was “Multi model approaches to prioritize the restoration of historic wetlands in the Lower Grand River Watershed”.  Rick Rediske also attended the conference.