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June 2016

Grants & Contracts

Bopi Biddanda received a $1,500 grant from the NASA Michigan Space Grants Consortium for a project titled “GVSU Affiliate Administrative Grant”. (2016-2017).

Bopi Biddanda received a $40,989 grant from the National Science Foundation, Geobiology Program for a project titled “Collaborative Research - Revealing the interplay between light sulfur cycling and oxygen production in cyanobacterial mats”. (2016-2019).

Emily Kindervater, graduate student working with Al Steinman, received a $1,000 award from Society of Freshwater Science, to be used for her research project.

Mark Luttenton received $72,782 in funding from the National Institutes for Health for Year 3 of his aquatic fungal research.  

Awards & Recognition

Al Steinman attended the annual GVSU Enrichment Dinner in Grand Rapids on June 7.  A posthumous award was presented on behalf of AWRI benefactor Robert B. Annis. Graduate student Suse LaGory (Advisor: Carl Ruetz) introduced Dan Yates, President of the R.B. Annis Foundation, who accepted the award. 

Al Steinman received the Patricia B. Johnson Award for Leadership and Innovative Grantmaking at the Annual Meeting of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County on June 28.