November 2014

A Closer Look #145

Carl Ruetz recording data in Muskegon Lake

AWRI Fish Biologist Awarded Grant to Study Yellow Perch

“Yellow perch stocks have not been assessed across the full range of habitats accessible from Lake Michigan, in particular drowned river mouth (DRM) lakes. Carl Ruetz and colleagues (David Janetski—Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ryan Thum—Montana State University, Tomas Hook—Purdue University, and David Clapp—Michigan Department of Natural Resources) recently were awarded $196,310 from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust to apply genetic and otolith isotopic analyses to delineate stock structure among nine DRM lakes and four nearshore Lake Michigan sites.  They will investigate the stock identity of suspected migratory yellow perch, which potentially represent a unique life history type, that move between Lake Michigan and DRM lakes.  This research will provide agency biologists valuable information to make more informed decisions regarding the management of yellow perch in Lake Michigan, especially with respect to Lake Michigan’s eastern shore.”